Betting Exchanges

Some online bettors prefer to do their wagering on reputable sports exchanges. The following list presents the best of the bunch:

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What are the sports betting exchanges?

A sports betting exchange is a platform where players can bet against one another. The bookmaker’s commission is taken from every winning bet, but if your bet loses, you won’t have to pay anything.

The platform gives you the chance to bet on a certain event to happen or not, which is called the “BACK” or “LAY” market. You can offer odds for a given event – “BACK” and meet a certain bet – “LAY”. In other words, you have the opportunity to make a bet that something will happen and another bet against it not happening.

When you bet at an online sports betting exchange, you can offer odds that are higher than those offered by your bookmaker. Because all bets have to be matched by another player, the odds on these sites are more flexible than those of regular bookmakers.

How to choose a suitable betting exchange?

Although many bettors are aware of the sports betting exchanges, not all of them understand their purpose and how they work. If you decide to try out a sports exchange, keep these points in mind:

Choose an established brand

We recommend you choose brands that have already become well known in the sports betting exchange business. You can find them in the list above.

Available betting markets

We recommend that you look for sports betting exchanges that offer multiple betting options. By diversifying your predictions, you can increase your chances of winning by betting on events and markets other than the most popular ones.

Live betting opportunity

Sports exchanges that offer live bets are worth choosing because they allow you to place wagers while the game is underway.

Number of players

To find a betting exchange with a large number of players, you need to look for an exchange with a lot of customers. This means that if someone suggests a bet that matches your odds, they’ll have more chances to suggest one.

Low commission

Another important factor when choosing sports betting exchange is the low commission rate. You should find a site with a lower commission, as this will mean bigger profits.

Stable platform

When choosing a trading platform, it’s important to examine the odds and how reliable they are. Read reviews by other players to get an idea of what they think about the exchange.


Why do these platforms charge fees when you win the exchange?

That’s because you must use a specific bookmaker to do so. The bookie requires a certain fee for its services.

Who decides what the odds are in sports betting exchanges?

The players in a market determine the odds for each event.

Will my sports betting exchange account be limited?

You should not expect to encounter a limit on your account when you bet in sports betting exchange.