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You can look at the next bookmaker ranking list for more information about how we form our ratings.

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How do we calculate the rating?

You can see that each operator has a different score because they offer different products and services.

We rate our bookmakers using various criteria, and we combine these into an overall rating. Our visitors can also review the brands and rate them according to these criteria.

Some online bookmakers have high ratings, but others are lower. We don’t want to emphasize just the leading ones on the chart; a website might have a lower rating because it lacks a feature or two, but despite that, it remains reliable and popular with users. That said, we have to be impartial and base our score on what the operator can bring to the table.

Why some operators have high ratings, whereas other low ratings?

A bookmaker’s rating depends on its many options for players, its customer support and bonus offers. The higher the number of bonuses, the more likely it is to rank high in the rankings.

In addition, there are websites that have a lower rating. This might be because they don’t offer good bonus offers or their odds of winning are worse than the competition.

Even if one bookmaker drops in terms of its odds, it might still have good customer support and a great reputation. You can safely check out this bookmaker if that’s enough to satisfy your betting needs.

The bookmaker rating is a good indicator of a betting site’s popularity, but we suggest you read our in-depth reviews when it’s time to choose a betting website.

What are the criteria for evaluating reliable bookmakers?

As we saw, the overall bookmaker rating is essential when choosing a betting site. Of course, if you’re looking for a site that offers loads of offers, we suggest you try out one of the giants in the industry. However, if you need specific types of betting products or services, you should also check out some other bookmakers’ websites because they also offer impressive products and services.

Here are the factors that give us a sense of how good a bookie is.

  • Design and website navigation
  • Odds and betting options
  • In-play wagers
  • Cash-out
  • Bonuses
  • Customer support
  • Casino games and poker games
  • Mobile services

Of course, we also give brands credit for other things they are doing to improve their business.

How to identify a bookmaker that we shouldn’t trust?

It’s normal for a bookmaker to get high ratings from bettors while those at the bottom of the list earn little praise. We urge you to do some research before creating an account on any website in order to avoid some of the companies that do not deserve your business.

People are always wondering how to recognize betting sites that aren’t worth getting involved with. We’ve created a list of blacklisted bookmakers, so you don’t have to worry about falling for scams any longer.

  • People who play the game may have negative opinions about it.
  • Questionable bonuses
  • None-professional support
  • Suspicious payment methods

Why to trust these bookmakers?

Professional bookmakers offer what we call professional betting sites. The reason why these profi betting sites stand out is that they are suitable not only for recreational punters but also pro bettors. In such betting sites the customer is king, so bookies go out of their way to offer the best possible products and services to attract high rollers to their platform.

The sports betting exchanges offer innovative betting products, including the ability to bet against other players and take a small commission from each winning bet. Punters offer odds and back or lay bets themselves, taking on the role of a bookmaker.

How to find pro bookmakers?

Here’s how to tell which bookmakers are real:

  • Pro bookmakers have high limits for betting on the leading sports events. The limits vary from website to website, but most of them have the same range.
  • High deposit and withdrawal limits are common among professional betting websites. Expect to see these limits increase as you move up in stakes, since the bookies take bigger bets. That said, you won’t have any trouble receiving your winnings on those websites as long as your account is verified.
  • Odds are a very important aspect of pro bookies. On their websites, they tend to offer higher odds than what you can find elsewhere. The long odds mean that the bookmakers can make less money as a percentage of the total winnings. This ultimately works for players because it gives them a better chance of winning.
  • Pro bookmakers don’t close or restrict accounts. They only take such measures if you have violated their terms and conditions. However, if you follow the rules, your account will be accepted by all bookmakers, no matter what country you’re from. You won’t have any problems with placing bets or receiving cash-outs from your winnings.


What bookmakers have the highest rating in my country?

We hope you enjoy our website, but please keep in mind that it undergoes regular changes.

How to determine the rating of a betting website?

Our experts take into account several different criteria when choosing a carrier, including service, price and coverage.

Are bookmakers with lower ratings always bad?

Bookmakers can be of different types and quality; however, their overall rating might be low because they don’t have some features, such as apps and cash out.