Licensed Bookmakers

To be considered legal, a bookmaker or casino must have a valid licence issued by the government.

Who grants the bookmakers licences around the world?

The government agency that issues bookie licences and monitors their activity is usually the same one responsible for issuing a licence. Bookies that have permission to operate from a given commission can usually be found on the commissions’ websites.

To get a licence, a bookmaker has to fulfill certain requirements. In most cases, it has to file an application and provide the necessary documents, such as its location and ownership information. From then on, it’s up to the bookmaker to promote its services in the given country.

Many gambling commissions exist in Europe. These include the most notable ones:

  • The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is a government agency responsible for regulating the industry.
  • Malta Gambling Authority
  • Curacao Gambling Commission
  • Gibraltar Gaming Commission
  • Swedish Gambling Authority

In addition to these countries, Germany and Estonia also have regulations on gambling activities and licences, Spain, Italy and France also issue licences.

List with licensed bookmakers for 2023

The following ranking will help you find an online bookmaker in your country:

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How important is the license for a given bookmaker?

Betting licences are an assurance that the operators of betting shops are regulated and monitored by gambling authorities. Because they fall under different jurisdictions, betting shops can have licences from more than one country.

When a bookmaker gets a licence, they can legally operate and offer all of their services and games online. Operators become legit and can now accept customers.

If you’re a punter in a jurisdiction where bookies without a licence can’t operate, you need to know that if there’s an issue between you and an operator without a licence, no authority can help you resolve it.

To stay in the gambling business, all online bookmakers need to have a licence from the government. Some of them have only one licence, and some have valid documents from different countries.

Why should we choose licensed bookmakers?

It is advisable to play on licensed online betting and gaming websites that have an established reputation.

The biggest advantage of registering with a betting site licensed by the country you’re in is that you have an advocate to complain to if the bookie violates any terms.

It’s best to avoid betting on websites that are not licensed, as this can lead to legal problems.


Which are the licensed bookmakers in my country?

We list all licensed gambling bookmakers on our website.

Can I wager on a website that has been licensed by a different country?

Yes, but only if the site’s terms of service permit players from your country to play there. You may want to consider whether the risk of playing on such a site is worth taking.

What if I start betting on a website without a licence?

We do not recommend you use these websites because most of them are blacklisted by our bookmaker. They don’t have a licence, so they cannot be regulated.