Pogba: “I’m not weak” amid elite football’s tough nature, says Juventus midfielder.

Olivier Galego
By Olivier GalegoLast Update: 11 September 2023

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has endured a difficult start to the season at Juventus. The 30-year-old has been beset by injuries and played just 10 times in Serie A last season as the Bianconeri finished third behind Napoli and Roma. The Frenchman also complained of back pain earlier this month but despite that, he is hoping to get his career back on track and wants to prove his critics wrong.

“I want to make them eat their words,” he told Al Jazeera. “They can talk bad about me, but I will never give up.”

Pogba’s future at United is uncertain due to his injury problems. The French World Cup winner could still have another good few years of football ahead of him but staying injury-free is key, and, at present, a big ask.

Pogba added that football is both beautiful and cruel. “People can forget you,” he said. “You can do something great one day, and then the next day you’re nobody.”

Pogba considered quitting due to extortion, citing money’s family impact, says Juventus and France player.

Mathias Pogba, the brother of Juventus star Paul Pogba, was charged and detained for his alleged role in an extortion plot against his brother.

Mathias released a series of videos accusing his brother, Paul Pogba, of stealing money from Mathias. A gang then demanded the money back from Pogba, who paid the money in order to “save time” after he was threatened by armed thugs in an apartment in Paris while away on international duty with France.

Pogba, who is now captain of the French national team, recently spoke about how money has changed his life. “It can break up a family,” he said. “It can create wars. Sometimes I was just by myself thinking, ‘I don’t want to have money anymore. I just don’t want to play anymore.’ Sometimes it’s tough.”

Pogba testified in an extortion case in April, and admitted that the ordeal had a “big impact” on his mental health.