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Here you will find everything you need to know about online gambling and sports betting. We bring detailed reviews of the best bookmakers in the world, so you can experience the thrill of gambling online. We will help you choose the right sporting events to bet on, which everyone will be happy with. At, we want to build a strong connection between you and us – as avid sports fans and gamblers ourselves – by providing high quality content that is also relevant and useful to your interests. If you are interested in finding out more about gambling online then look no further than!

Leading Bookmakers and Their Promotions

Up to Date Bonuses and Promotions for You

Up to Date Bonuses and Promotions for You

Our special offers are a mix of measured risk and reward. We aim to give you only easy-to-meet wagering requirements, profitable and low-risk promotions and other ongoing offers. In addition, our bonus page offers details about the best promotions for new customers as well as those already registered. Its purpose is to guide you on how to choose the best bonuses and promotions based on your needs.

Betting Through Mobile Phones

Betting Through Mobile Phones

We recommend first reading our special bookmaker reviews if you are interested in mobile betting. In this way, you can gain a better understanding about the bookmaker and their services.

Interesting Analyses and News

Interesting Analyses and News

You can learn about all the latest events taking place in top European leagues on our site. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with the latest news and analysis on the leagues, as well as provide betting tips for each team. Our analyses section offers detailed information about each team that you may have overlooked at first glance.

A Comprehensive Guide and Established Strategies

Our Betting Academy will help you understand all aspects of betting on sports. Our guides, strategies and resources have been developed by our staff to increase your knowledge and provide you with the tools needed to succeed.

Our Betting Guide provides you with a number of tips and strategies that will help you improve your overall betting results. We cover everything from introductory topics like sports betting basics to advanced strategies for bettors who want to learn more about the art of placing bets.

While you are here, don’t forget to take a look at our Betting Strategies. We’ve tested them and made them easy to understand so that you can get started right away. Using our strategies is key to long-term success, and naturally they come free of charge.

Top betting sites by country

Here are a few interesting facts about online betting in different countries. We’ve compiled information on the top bookmakers by country; you’ll find out what type of betting is popular in each one and whether there are any differences between countries.

North America
South America

We considered several factors when compiling our list of leading bookmakers.

  • Are the company’s services licenced in the country?
  • Does it have a range of sports and games at its disposal?
  • What kinds of bonuses do you offer new and returning customers?
  • Does the game have an app that works separately from the game’s web platform?
  • Does the platform have live dealer games and casino games?

What Will You Find at amubet?

We provide many different types of information at amubet, including bookmakers, odds, bonuses and statistics. You can find everything you need to bet on European football. We will make sure that you have the best possible odds for your bets. That way, both of us will win!

We want to help you find an optimal betting situation for your event, so we will provide statistics and other information. We also want to make sure that you can always get the best odds, so we recommend using a bookmaker that has proven results. We do not want you to lose all of your money because of a poorly selected offer or bookmaker. We do not want you to bet on overly unprofitable odds without having time to prepare your strategy. You would not give your money to someone on the street, yet that is what would happen if you bet without preparing and exploring the best possible situation.



This section is dedicated to providing detailed reviews of bookmakers that deserve your attention. You’ll find all licensed bookmakers within the U.K., as well as reviews for other operators. Our extensive reviews give you an overall idea of what each bookmaker has to offer.



We’re dedicated to helping you find the best bookmaker. We compare and contrast preferred brands based on a select set of criteria, so you can compare factors such as welcome bonuses, the minimum deposit requirement, maximum profit and other features for each operator.



Our bonus code reviews are the place to find the best welcome offers available. We’ve scoured the current bonuses of a particular online bookmaker, and include relevant information about each offer, from its wagering requirements to its expiry date.



We’ve added mobile reviews to our site because there are so many betting apps available, and the mobile versions of bookmaking sites are impressive. In each, you’ll find an in-depth overview of the bookmaker’s mobile services and whether it offers apps for Android and iOS devices.



Sports enthusiasts who have put their trust in us can look forward to the new Virtual Sports section. Although virtual sports only recently became popular, they are now in great demand. As a result, many leading bookmakers have included this as a new betting opportunity within their sportsbooks.

English Premier League

The English Premier League is a football championship that attracts fans from all over the world. Each week, we witness surprising results, tense rivalries and beautiful goals. There is no football fan who does not want to watch these events and enjoy the ability to access forecasts for upcoming events in the English Premier League. Here’s a direct link to our English Premier League tips.

Spanish La Liga

Spanish football is becoming more and more interesting to watch due to the increase of technique and finesse in the game. Adding to the drama and intensity is Atletico Madrid, a team that relies more on physical power. They are an irreplaceable part in the bid for the trophy and, though very unexpectedly, have greatly increased the intrigue surrounding the championship. Here’s a direct link to our Spanish La Liga predictions.

German Bundesliga

German football has a reputation for being disciplined, and this discipline is one of the reasons that people are drawn to the Bundesliga. One of the most successful teams in German football, Bayern Munich, faces stiff competition from teams such as Borussia Dortmund who have shaken its throne several times. There are also ambitious new teams such as RB Leipzig, which makes each season more interesting! You can find the standings and all predictions for the German championship here. You can read more about the German Bundesliga and our predictions here.

Italian Serie A

The Italian Serie A is experiencing a renaissance after the 2006 Calciopoli scandal. Juventus, a team that rejuvenates with fresh blood and sets the example for other teams to follow, has dominated the league for many years. It would be interesting to see how other teams in the league – including Milan, Inter, Napoli and Roma–will perform against Juventus in this upcoming season.

French League 1

In the French League 1, we are witnessing substantial growth. This growth is expressed around one team – Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and the wealth of its Qatari owners. Thanks to this, the league is more challenging and intriguing for football fans! While PSG is dominant, we cannot fail to mention other teams from the French League 1 such as Olympic Marseille, winner of the European Cup; Lyon Olympique and Saint-Etienne whose story is closely followed by fans of the French League 1. You can learn more about the French Championship by viewing our predictions here.

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League predictions – We will focus on the most popular club tournament, the UEFA Champions League. The reason we have witnessed fierce battles between the best teams in Europe is because of this competition. Plus, our Champions League predictions will deliver interesting tips before a specific match that will help you make the right betting choices. You can view our UEFA Champions League predictions here.

UEFA Europa League

The UEFA Europa League is the second-most powerful European club competition, and it has become an irresistible temptation for teams participating in the league. The competition is becoming more and more fierce every season as teams look to prove themselves and rise above their competitors from the leading European championships. The result has seen many memorable, exciting matches – and with each season that passes, this only increases. You can learn more about team performance, statistics and our UEFA Europa League tips here at Amubet , the only site you’ll ever need for all things football!

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amubet is a site for bettors. We offer information about the online gambling industry, including reviews of gambling sites and guides on how to use them. We also have a list of recommended bookmakers who offer bonuses and special deals to help you win more money.

Amubet experts are here with betting news you can use!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the level of customer support offered by bookies any good?

We evaluated each bookmaker and casino on our site by asking a variety of questions to test their knowledge and professionalism on topics from how to open an account to what to do if you cannot withdraw your winnings. To learn more about our findings, read any of the reviews posted on our site.

Which regulatory bodies license online bookmakers and casinos?

Several regulatory authorities issue licenses to bookmakers and online casinos. The most reputable of those is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which issues licenses to both bookmakers and online casinos.

How does this site generate income?

We derive most of our gambling industry business income from the trust you place in us when you register with one of our bookies or casinos. When you deposit money, we make a small commission based on your deposits.

Why do you choose the bookmakers that you recommend on your site?

We chose these bookies based on their knowledge and expertise, and we found that they were extremely helpful to both new and existing customers. They are also reputable companies with extensive experience within the online betting market.

Are the bookmakers on this site safe and reliable?

Yes, all bookmakers at amubet have valid licenses from the European Union and have been thoroughly tested by eCOGRA to ensure they are fair.

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