Mobile version

Online bookmakers have begun to develop special versions of their websites for smartphones. They make it easier for users to place bets while they’re on the go.

What are mobile betting websites?

The mobile versions of the betting sites are basically the same as their desktop counterparts, but with a few differences. For example, you can load them through your phone’s browser or through an app. Once the site loads and adjusts to your screen size, it will look just like its desktop version.

Mobile betting websites often offer the same options as their desktop counterparts. Many websites also develop mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones. Both downloads need to be completed before you can use your device for betting on sports, though; in this case, you don’t need to download anything because mobile websites can be opened using a browser.

Do I need to download software to use the bookmakers’ mobile versions?

All the mobile versions of online bookmakers are developed using state-of-the-art technologies. They mimic the desktop portal in terms of functionality, but they are cross-platform compatible and optimise for mobile usage. In order to access a mobile site, you need only use your browser on your phone. All phones have integrated browsers so there is no need to download anything extra.

To make sure your computer is up to date and that its browser works correctly, you should visit the mobile website through your browser. If the browser isn’t working correctly, some of the features of the site won’t load properly.

How to get a shortcut to the mobile version of a bookmaker’s website?

To have access to a bookmaker’s mobile betting site, you need to use a browser on your device. Once you’ve entered the host’s address (URL), you’ll see a shortcut appear on your home screen. Here is the full step-by-step guide:

  1. Open your mobile browser
  2. Go to the website of the sports betting agency you have chosen.
  3. On your computer, click the options menu button in the top-right corner.
  4. To add the app to your home screen, tap the green “+” button.
  5. Choose the name of the shortcut and click OK.
  6. When you’re ready, you’ll see a shortcut on your home screen. Just tap it to open the bookie.

How to choose bookmaker that has a mobile version?

To get a feel for the betting options and other features that an operator has to offer, you should first try out the mobile version. Once you’re comfortable with the interface, keep an eye on these points:

  • A slow mobile booking website can frustrate users and make them abandon the site.
  • It is important to create an intuitive user interface when designing a mobile version of the website.
  • All of the books you see on their website must be the same as what you’d get if you were to log onto their site directly.
  • It’s crucial that the mobile version of your bookmaker is fully encrypted, because you may deposit or withdraw money at some point. After all, your personal data should be safe with them.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile betting sites

You can check out the full website version of the bookmaker’s mobile site by loading its URL on your browser and finding an option to review the desktop version. This will allow you to load the full website version on your mobile device and take a look at it via your phone or tablet, but you probably won’t be using it for betting because it’s not that convenient.

The mobile version of the website has its advantages, as well as its disadvantages, which we will discuss in the following lists.

  • You don’t have to download them.
  • You can create shortcuts to open this app from your home screen.
  • Full version of the bookmaker’s options include all those that are available to its free version.
  • The loading speed will vary depending on your browser, the type of internet connection you have, and other factors.
  • Navigation on the website is slower than what you can experience in an app.
  • To ensure that your game is smooth and lag-free, you should use a fast and stable network connection.
  • You can’t set any personal preferences in the desktop app.

What are the system requirements in order to use the mobile betting website versions?

Mobile betting sites are easy to use, even on mobile devices with limited storage space and older operating systems. However, if you load the site using an old version of your mobile browser, some features may not work well. It’s best to update your device to avoid any issues.

It is not necessary to use a specific kind of browser to access the mobile betting sites. We usually try and test the mobile betting sites on the most popular browsers, but you can bet using other browsers as well.


How do you choose a reliable online mobile betting site?

Before placing a bet, you should research the bookmaker that you plan to use. Check how their mobile version works and make sure it uses a secure connection.

Do mobile betting sites offer better deals than their stand-alone apps?

One of the advantages of mobile betting sites is that they can be accessed via a web browser.

Are all online bookmakers offering mobile betting versions?

Yes, all online betting and iGaming operators provide mobile versions of their websites that are convenient to use.