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American Football Rules

If you want to bet on football games, it’s important to know the rules. The league has an official rulebook, and all bookies use it to determine NFL-related disputes. So, let’s take a look at how American football works and what makes the games exciting.

The goal of a football game is to score more points than the opposing team by passing, carrying, or kicking an egg-shaped ball into their end zone.

The end zone is one part of the gridiron, also known as the field in American football. It’s a 100-yard-long and 160 feet-wide grass field that ends in goalposts – like tridents, but without the middle spike.

Let’s talk about the offensive and defensive players on each team. The teams can have up to 48 players on a roster, and each team has two groups – offense and defense. Only one group can be on the field at a specific time. If the team is in attack mode, then the offense will take control of the gridiron while defense stays back on defense. Let’s talk about the positions that each player plays.

The Offensive Line

Offensive players have a goal: they want to score points for their team.

The following players are the offensive functions:

  • The quarterback is the player who throws the ball in an offensive possession. Quarterbacks are often seen as “coaches on the gridiron”, as they call plays, yell signals, and initiate plays. Once the quarterback receives the ball from the centre – the player who starts each play with a snap of his foot – he can either carry it himself or pass it to a running back or throw it to a receiver.
  • The center is the offensive player who calls the plays. When the offensive line faces off against the defence, he throws the ball to the quarterback, making the play.
  • Wide receivers – also called wideouts or just wideouts – are the guys who score touchdowns by running into the opposing end zone. They receive the ball from the quarterback, then run wide in an attempt to make a catch and score a touchdown.
  • Running back: When the wide receiver is well-covered, the quarterback hands the ball off to his running back. A running back focuses more on hitting the holes in the defense than he does on catching passes.
  • Fullbacks help to protect the quarterback while he’s throwing the ball. They also try to block opposing defenders so that the running back can run more yards in a single rush.
  • The tight end is a hybrid position, meaning he can line up next to the quarterback on either side of the field. He can be positioned near the line of scrimmage or split out wide.
  • Left/right guards protect their backfield players by blocking and using their bodies to create space for runners.
  • Offensive tackles are large men who line up on the offensive side of the line of scrimmage and guard against defensive linemen trying to get into the backfield.

Defensive Line, Special Teams

When your team scores a touchdown or makes a field goal, the other team goes to the bench. The defensive line steps in to defend the other team’s four downs by tackling opponents, disrupting lanes, or clogging the field. Here are their positions and roles:

  • In American football, a cornerback man-marks his opponent, following him at all times. He can either slow down the receiver so that he cannot catch the ball in time or cause pass interference by putting his hands on the ball.
  • Defensive ends are outside pass rushers whose job is to prevent tight ends from getting to the outside. They are also there to prevent guards and offensive tackles from blocking gaps in the defensive line so that defensive tackles can get sacks or throw blocks on passing plays.
  • Safety is the deepest defensive player in the back line. They are used as zone defenders and roam free to stop any pass that comes toward them.
  • Defensive tackles do two things: they stop a running play from happening and they can slip through the cracks of the opposing offensive line, disrupting the quarterback’s pass.
  • Linebackers are the players who play behind the scrimmage line, and they’re responsible for stopping both throws and running plays.

Special teams players – offensive and defensive players alike – play an important role on each team’s roster. Their job is to get the ball back to the other side of the field after it has been kicked, so that they can score before any other team can. The special teams unit has four attempts (down) to do this – three attempts to advance 10 yards or more, and one attempt to kick or punt if they don’t make it past their first three downs.

Special teams are on the field during kicking plays. The team can also be present for kickoffs, punts and field goals. Each member of the special teams has a specific role:

  • The kicker is a player whose job it is to kick the ball in on every play. He takes care of extra points, field goals and kickoffs. When he enters the game, his job is just to hit the ball perfectly.
  • Returner – A punt/kick returner is a player on your team who is there to catch punts and kickoffs. Before the ball can be returned, he must advance it downfield as far as possible. When he catches the ball, he often runs faster than anyone else on his team.
  • The punter is the player who kicks the ball. If you’re on fourth down and the team has run out of time, the center snaps the ball to the punter. The punter then throws the ball in the air and tries to kick it as far away as possible.

Basic Terms

Are you up to date on all of your NFL bet terms? Good, but that’s just the first step on your road to becoming a knowledgeable football bettor. To learn how to bet on football online, you need to be familiar with these common terms:

  • The line of scrimmage is where the ball must be snapped on every play. Both teams’ linemen must stay on their respective sides of the line until the center throws the ball to quarterback, who then has two seconds to snap it.
  • The red zone is the part of the field between the 20-yard line and the goal line. It’s where a team’s offence has an easier time scoring touchdowns.
  • The sack – a defensive lineman’s attempt to reach the quarterback before he can hand off the ball or throw it – often results in a loss of yardage for the team whose QB got sacked.
  • An interception is a defensive play that occurs when a player snatches the ball from an opponent during his team’s down. If this happens, the offense must relinquish possession of the ball to the defense.
  • Touchdown – a player who makes it into the end zone, which is the part at the far end of a football field.
  • Down – A period during which the ball is live and can be advanced. On fourth down, the offense gets four attempts to move the ball 10 yards or more before punting. If they fail, they must hand off to the opposing team.
  • In American football, a drive is a series of plays, moves, and strategies implemented by the offense during its possession of the ball.
  • Field goals are scored when the player kicks the ball instead of carrying it into the end zone, like touchdowns.

Which are the best American Football betting websites?

But even if you have the best football bets up your sleeve, where do you bet on NFL games?

It’s important to keep in mind that peace of mind is essential when betting on NFL games. That’s why you should choose a bookmaker that offers safe, secure betting.

To get started, check out our guide on the top-rated bookmakers for American football betting. It contains all the info you need to find a bookie that fits your needs.

NFL Betting – What Should You Know?

American football betting is basically NFL betting, but there are still other leagues to follow. After all, Monday Night Football is still once per week. If you’re looking to get into football betting more seriously, you will need to diversify your sources of knowledge. If you haven’t noticed yet, Vince McMahon’s XFL is back on – but don’t worry about that now.

When it comes to making money betting on American Football, you need more than just the NFL odds. To win consistently, you should focus on a few less-known factors:

The NFL has 32 teams, divided into two conferences and four divisions each. Each conference has a champion who plays in the Super Bowl every year. This creates some epic rivalries and matchups.

The Big One is one of the most exciting games of the season. You can bet on everything from halftime performers to the score, and even more!

NFL Facts

The National Football League was founded in 1920, when two rival leagues merged to create modern football. The NFL’s average attendance is higher than any other sports league in the world and has been the most profitable since the Super Bowl era began. Since then, few of the most successful teams are teams from New England or Pennsylvania.

Amubet Tips about NFL betting?

If you want to get involved in American football betting, we recommend that you prepare thoroughly before placing your first bet. We also recommend that you study the rules and analyze the players, as well as use online resources. And don’t forget to cast a glance at our list of top-rated bookies for NFL bets.


What is American football handicap betting, and how does it work?

Line betting is a method of betting in which you bet on the outcome of a game or series of games. The weaker team is usually given a slight advantage before the game begins to ensure that both sides have an equal chance at winning.

What are the most popular American football markets that I can find on the Internet?

Spreads, moneylines, half-time lines, teasers and future bets are the most popular American football markets.

How much can I earn from American Football betting?

Sure, you can, but remember that it’s still gambling. If you plan your strategy well and if luck is on your side, then you might see some returns.

How do handicap betting systems work in American football?

When you bet on the NFL, a spread is a bookie’s pick for the winner. A spread is used to determine how many points an underdog will lose by. It’s like a basic moneyline bet, but with an extra bit of flavor.

Are American football bets illegal in the US?

As of 2018, sports betting is not federally illegal. However, states can set their own laws. As such, you may still visit offshore sites even if there are no online sportsbooks in your state.

Which other leagues are good for Americans to bet on?

The European CEFL and Canadian CFL are both popular with US bettors.

Should you bet on futures when betting on American football?

Technically, no. Still, there’s no harm in betting $10 on the SuperBowl MVP in 2007. Returns are always juicy. - Article author
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