Many beginners find the different codes or formats of the game rather complex, which is why we’ve divided this article into two parts. The first will focus on Rugby Union and the second part will deal with Rugby League.

In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about betting on rugby. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to bet on rugby, as well as some popular competitions where you can place a wager. At the end of the article, you should have a basic knowledge of how to bet on rugby!

Rugby rules

To better understand how rugby betting works, you need to know the basic rules of the sport. These rules will help you to analyze codes mentioned in this article and ultimately help you with your betting strategy. A rugby game lasts for 80 minutes, with each half lasting 40 minutes. Teams can have up to 15 players on the field at any given time, as well as 7 substitutes who can enter at any time during a game. The game has one referee and two judges who determine if there was an infringement or no infringement on the rules during a match. Players may never pass the ball forward or tackle above their shoulders; they may only kick the ball into touch once it enters into contact with another player. If a player kicks the ball into touch while it is still moving forward, then that player is considered to be in possession of possession of the ball at that point in time; however if he stops moving forwards with this ball then he must release it immediately and cannot chase after it again until he has released it completely which means he cannot be tackled at all regardless of where he is

Rugby League rules

While Rugby Union has a similar basis to Rugby League, there are some additional rules that set it apart. For example, in Rugby Union, five points are awarded for a try whereas in Rugby League, teams receive only four points. Conversion attempts also determine points differently. A drop goal will give you one point whereas a conversion attempt awards three.

Rugby League games have only 13 players on the field at any given time. Unlike American football, where the ball can be carried backward, forward and even sideways by an unlimited number of players, Rugby League games have no rucks or mauls. Instead, when a player is tackled he either retains possession of the ball or passes it back to his teammate. In addition, with Rugby League games there are only six periods in which a team can hold onto the ball before turning it over to its opponent. Also unlike American football where the line-outs occur after every scoring attempt, Rugby League teams do not have line-outs because they rely exclusively on their feet to advance the ball toward their opponents’ goal line.

Rugby Union rules

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of codes, let’s look at the Rugby Union rules. Rugby Union is a traditional game played by two teams with 15 players each. The objective of the game is for a team to get the ball past the opponent’s try line. Once they do that, they gain 5 points. If they successfully record a try, then they can kick the ball through two posts (conversions) to gain 2 additional points.

When defenders try to stop attacking players from getting past them, they tackle them to the ground. If the attacker falls to the ground, it’s called a ruck. If he remains standing, it’s called a maul. When any infringement occurs, such as tackling over the shoulders or pushing the ball forward, an offside decision results. In this case, the opposing team has the chance to kick downfield and form a line out or opt for a scrum.

Which are the best Rugby betting websites?

As a rugby bettor, you might be interested in finding a bookmaker that offers the best odds and has the best selection of matches. In our table below, we’ve listed the top bookmakers for rugby betting with the greatest selection of matches.

So, what qualities should you look for in a rugby betting site? First of all, you should check if they offer a generous welcome bonus. Then you should check if the bookie puts forward their odds early on. Such sites are more trustworthy than those that update their odds minutes before the game starts. You also want to pick a website that offers competitive odds.

Which are the most popular Rugby competitions?

You’ll want to look for an operator that offers you a variety of competitions. In essence, that means not all rugby tournaments are as popular. Major competitions happen across the northern and southern hemispheres, but each region has its own version of matches based on age groups or gender. You’ll also find one-off competitions as well as ongoing tournaments that can occur either annually or once every four years. The most popular rugby tournaments are the Six Nations Championship and the World Cup . We’ll unpack them below.

Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is a major international sporting event. Every four years, it’s the biggest tournament in rugby. The idea behind the tournament is to avoid clashing with other big rugby events. Several countries participate in the World Cup, including Germany, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

Six Nations

The Six Nations rugby tournament is a prestigious competition that takes place once a year, and it’s considered by many to be the most popular rugby event globally. The competition started back in 1883, and it follows that public interest in Six Nations rugby betting odds has grown significantly over time. The countries that participate in this annual tournament are England (with Scotland and Ireland as associate members), France, Italy and Wales. Historically speaking, Wales has been the most successful union in this tournament, while England has been one of its most dominant teams.

Rugby League

The Rugby League is another ongoing competition that bookies can offer. It is under this competition that several teams in a league go head to head in order to wind up being top of the league. Invented after a split from Rugby Football Union, it was originally played in England but has spread across different parts of the world ever since. As mentioned earlier, 13 players play in this league. Its aim is for teams to score more points than their opponents by placing the ball over the try line or kicking it through two goalposts.

Rugby facts

The sport of rugby, also known as rugby union and rugby league (depending on which group you’re in), is said to have started in 1845 at a Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire in England. The game is said to have started during a game of football when William Webb Ellis decided to pick up the ball and run with it towards the opposite goal post instead of passing it to a teammate. While this theory is hearsay, there’s not much evidence to back this story. However, the Rugby World Cup Trophy is named after William Webb Ellis today because he was the one who supposedly first picked up a ball by kicking or throwing it forward as opposed to passing it to another player – the move that eventually led to rugby being played as we know it today.

Rugby has been played as an amateur sport since the 19th century. However, it didn’t become a professional sport until 1995. Since then, several nations mentioned earlier have been participating in the game.

Amubet Tips about Rugby betting

Rugby is a high-scoring game, so it’s no wonder that punters love it. Betting on the match can be easy if you know how to analyze rugby. Understanding how both codes of the game work will help you formulate your betting strategy and make better decisions. There are multiple options for betting on rugby, so you’ll want to know where to place your bets.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the best sites to bet on rugby are those that have been vetted and approved by regulators. Look for a licensed and verified betting site with competitive odds for each match or fixture.


How to bet on rugby games?

Rugby has a number of betting options, including Outrights or Win bets and rugby league handicap bets. In an Outright bet, you place a wager on which team will win. In a rugby league handicap bet, you bet on the underdog team that must outscore its opponent by a predetermined amount in order to earn victory.

Can I bet on rugby games?

Yes, some bookies allow punters to bet on rugby games live. In this case, you can watch the match you bet on live because the bookmaker streams the game so you don’t miss a moment of action.

Can you suggest any dedicated rugby betting apps?

Bookies that offer rugby betting usually also have their own apps for customers. But you can also find independent sports betting apps with rugby on them.

How do you find the best betting odds in rugby?

If you want to make money from rugby betting, you need to know how much your bet is worth. That’s where odds come in handy. You use them to figure out which bet will give you the most profit. That way you can place a bet that makes sense for your budget.

Why are 3-way bets in rugby betting popular?

3-way bets are wagers that involve predicting the number of goals scored in a match. - Article author
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