There are many different types of cycling events. From road racing to track racing, there are many variations in these types of races and competitions. The general aim is to get from point A to point B faster than your competitors.

Road Cycling Race Types

Single Day

Pro races can be held over long distances, sometimes as far as 180 miles. Races are made up of laps or a straight A to B. There are also criteriums in cities that have a variety of different circuits and start times. Handicapped races are designed to bring balance to the start line with varying ages and abilities so the competition is fair for all involved.

Individual Time Trials

Time trials are races against the clock, often solo or small team events. They can be held on public roads and are characterized by streamlined clothing. The distance ranges from 10 miles to 100 miles.

Stage Races

Stage races consist of multiple stages. The racer with the lowest time for completing each stage at the end of the event is the winner. Stages often have other awards such as an individual stage winner and a mountain classification winner, among others. These events can last several days.

Cycling Races


Sprints are usually run in pairs, with two riders starting at the same time. The rider who crosses the finish line first is considered the winner. Sprint races often begin on a rolling course and riders use tactics to gain an advantage over their opponents.


Time trial events are held when pairs of competitors ride together around a track. The winner is often determined by who can finish first.

Points Race

When you lap riders, you get 20 points for going faster than them. Any rider who is lapped loses 20 points. The first four to finish one of these laps are awarded 5, 3, 2 and 1 points as they finish.

Time Trial

Time trials are races that take place over a set distance, often one kilometer, and are held in the fastest time possible. Solo and group competitions are common.

Scratch Race

This race begins with all racers at the same level of fitness and experience. The order of finish is determined by the number of laps completed. A racer who has completed more laps at the end of the race leads his or her group; this person is declared the winner. These races often take place over 15 km.


This track event consists of six races, including a time trial, a points race, a scratch race, an elimination race, an individual pursuit, and a flying lap race. The racers who finish each race receive points based on their position; the racer with the lowest total wins.


The Tour de France is a race that is held every year in France. It’s a 100 to 200-km race with two riders per team, and there’s one sprint every 20 laps for points. The team with the most points at the end of the race wins.


This is a mass-start event. Six to nine cyclists begin the race at the same time. Riders draw a slip of paper with a starting position and then race in waves, with the pacer on a motorbike following them until they reach around 600 or 700 meters from the end of the race. The race takes place over around 50 kms.

Which are the best Cycling betting websites?

Most sportsbooks offer some form of cycling-related betting. You will likely find a good option if you shop around, so which one you opt for will come down to personal preference.

Always check the sportsbook’s reputation and license before making a deposit.

Which Are the Most Popular Competitions?

The Tour de France is the world’s most famous cycling event. It takes place every year in France and features 21 day-long stages over 23 days. Another one of the Grand Tours in Italy’s Giro d’Italia. The first Giro took place in 1909, with cyclists traversing the country’s towns and villages to raise money for charities. The Vuelta a Espana is the final of three Grand Tours, which began in 1935. It takes place each year in Spain and is inspired by the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France races.

Cycling Facts

Cycling has become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to its diversity. There are many different events across both road and track, but most of the top ones take place in Europe. Many fans bet on cycling, and you can find betting markets scattered all over the top sportsbook websites.

Amubet Tips about cycling betting

Betting on cycling doesn’t differ too much from betting on any other competition or sport. To make informed bets and avoid losing money, you should understand what cycling betting terms mean and get to know cycling betting markets. There are a lot of useful resources that will help you with betting tips for cycling.


Reasons to bet on cycling?

If you enjoy cycling or want to get into competitive cycling, there are many ways to add excitement to your sport experience. Betting on teams, races and events can offer you a chance to win money while watching your favourite racers compete.

What are the most profitable markets for betting on cycling?

The odds of winning or losing are directly related to the selections you make as a bettor. Longer odds are harder to win, but easier to gain a bankroll. Shorter odds are easier to predict, but will take longer to accumulate a strong bankroll.

Where can I bet on cycling races online?

Yes, you can bet on cycling by browsing the sportsbook’s website or downloading a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Can I bet during a cycling event?

Yes, you can win money by betting on cycling events.

Where do you think is the best place for online cycling betting?

It depends on your personal preference. Before you give payment details to a sportsbook, check its reputation and reliability. - Article author
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