We’re glad you came by to check out our site! Betting on online games is one of the most popular ways people can enjoy sports and other forms of entertainment. At amubet, we take bets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), League of Legends, and all kinds of other games too! It’s basically following things you already love – but with a chance to earn money from it as well!

So, does that sound like fun to you? If the answer is yes, we have everything you need to get started. From a list of the most popular games and eSports competitions to a guide on how to bet on them all, we’ll make sure that you have all the information you need.

eSports Betting Rules

Many people think that eSports sports betting doesn’t involve real sports. For example, you may hear people say things like “footballers actually run while eSports players just sit around all day.” This couldn’t be further from the truth! When you look at what it takes to become a professional gamer and compare it to traditional sports, you’ll see that they’re very similar.

  • Successful people have mastered the skills necessary to be successful.
  • Just like physical athletes, eSports players train every day. They also have to eat right and exercise to be consistent in their performance.
  • They earn big money if they’re number one.
  • Sports such as football, basketball, and baseball are funded by sponsors such as Red Bull, Monster Energy, Honda, Coca-Cola, and even the US Air Force.
  • They have to use their brains, think about the game and overcome any obstacles that come their way.

If you consider DOTA 2 players like Dendi and Puppey to be legends, then it makes sense that they would be similar to LeBron James or Cristiano Ronaldo.

eSports are easy to follow, even if you have never played video games before. Most of the terms used are similar to those used in football and basketball. For example, winnings and losses, over/under bets, ties, etc. make up some of the most popular betting options in eSports sports betting.

Esports Games

There are tens of thousands of video games you can play today, but not all of them have the popularity or appeal needed to be considered competitive eSports fantasy betting. That’s why our advice is to focus on these 8 games; they are easy to understand, and even if you’re not a big fan, it won’t take long for you to get hooked!

League of Legends

In League of Legends, two teams of five players each battle it out in an arena-like environment. Each team selects a champion; some are good against others, and some aren’t. There are different roles and tactics, too.


Defense of the Ancients, or DOTA as it’s commonly called, began as a mod for Warcraft III and has since become one of the most popular games on the market. DOTA 2 is owned by Valve, which is recognizable for its games like Half-Life and Portal.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

CS, a first-person shooter video game, has been a staple of eSports sports betting for years now. Two teams of five fight each other in virtual arenas and must either kill all opposing players or defuse bombs planted by the other team.


FIFA eSports is a gaming variant of football. You can play against other people, from 1v1 to 4v4 and beyond. If you know and watch football, you’ll be able to start playing right away.

StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is a strategy game where you have to build up your base and your forces and eradicate the enemy player that shares the map with you. It’s one of the most popular eSports games in both America and Asia.


Overwatch combines the excitement of first-person shooters with the versatility of role-playing games. You get to choose from a variety of heroes, each with his or her own unique abilities and powers.

Heroes of the Storm

HoS is a MOBA game with a similar name to DOTA 2 and League of Legends. You play as one character in teams of five against another team, and you can complete challenges as well as battle enemies.

Call of Duty

In Call of Duty eSports , you can fight for the side of a terrorist or counter-terrorist, but CS:GO lets you choose between terrorists and counter-terrorists. Depending on the expansion, you can play as an American, Nazi German, Soviet, or even modern SWAT team member.

Which are the best eSports betting websites?

If you want to start taking bets on eSports, we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated bookmakers for eSports betting. All of the bookies on the list offer top-notch odds on eSports sports betting. Some even provide their own tips, statistics, and other helpful tools. So take some time to explore this list and find an eSports bookie that suits your needs!

Which Are the Most Popular Tournaments?

Our team had an internal debate over which competitions were the best choice, but we ultimately settled on the following:

Summoner's Cup

The most popular eSports competition in the world, this annual 32-kilogram (70-pound) Summoner’s Cup is watched by 100 million people. The best players in the world battle for a chance at eternal gaming glory.

DOTA 2 tournament

The annual DOTA 2 tournament is held in August, when the best teams from around the world compete for a large prize pool of money and glory. The most recent one attracted $34 million and is expected to rise even further.


The Dreamhack is a popular eSports event in Europe. It features ten different games and allows players to compete with the best teams in the world. It’s basically like an Olympics for video gamers.

Blizzard's World

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Arena Tournament is an online gaming competition that features both classic and retail versions of the game. The tournament has undergone several changes over the years.

Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is a regular season and playoff tournament, similar to the NBA and NFL. Twenty teams compete in seasons, each representing a city.


The CDL features city-based teams, a playoff format after the regular season, and a minimum salary. Its other features include benefits, revenue sharing, and many other things that are thought to be unthinkable in eSports.


The FIWC is unique because its open qualification format gives anyone the chance to compete with the best players in the world.

eSports Facts

Back in the early 1970s, Stanford students were among the first to challenge each other in Spacewar. Things were a bit slow until the 1980s saw actual TV shows where players would sit in front of live cameras and play 8-bit games in an effort to see who will have the highest score. However, these weren’t actual multiplayer games, as people would sit in front of separate computers/devices; these shows were actually just demonstrations of skills. The first officially recognized tournament took place in 1991 with Street Fighter II, which allowed competitive, player v. player, tournament play. Ever since then, eSports have been growing non-stop!

In the 1990s and 2000s, there were many cultural exchanges between different countries, which made it easier for organizations to promote eSports. As computers and the internet became more common, eSports became a mainstay in people’s lives.

What Amubet suggest about the eSports betting?

eSports is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of sport, though it’s been around for decades. In fact, we can even trace its roots back to the 1990s. This form of betting involves players using a computer and the Internet to compete against each other. Bookies have started offering various markets because they believe this will continue as long as there are gamers who are interested in playing games. It’s still growing, so you should join the party!


How to bet on eSports the right way?

There’s no “right” way to earn money. Approach it like any other sport and don’t take too many risks.

How do you win a bet in eSports?

Do your research before you bet, and choose a bookie with the best odds.

Do you want to start playing some games before starting with eSports sports betting?

Definitely! This is true of most widely popular games. You can find some that are free, or you can buy them for a reasonable price. They will teach you all about the market quickly and easily.

Is it a good idea to bet on eSports?

Futures are often risky, so don’t bet too much and don’t expect to win every time.

Can I prepare for big competitions by watching gameplay footage?

Yes, you can follow players on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. They will be doing their work in real-time and you can watch along with them or interact with the community.

Which eSports sports betting game is easiest to learn?

Counter-Strike is a good game for beginners. There isn’t a lot of complexity in the rules. It’s just about shooting things.

Where can I find good CS odds?

Compare our recommended bookmakers to find the best deals.

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