To bet on basketball, it’s essential to know the rules of the game. Fortunately, basketball is a fairly simple sport. Basketball is played by two competing teams of five players who try to score by throwing balls into hoops on opposite ends of the court. Each team has its own hoop at each end of the court.

Basketball Rules

The basketball court is divided into two sections by a mid-court line. Players must pass the mid-court line within ten seconds of their team gaining possession of the ball. Otherwise, the other team will get possession of the ball.

If a player crosses midcourt and then tries to return the ball, that player will be called for traveling and the ball will be turned over.

The ball is moved up the court by passing or dribbling, with the aim of scoring points. The defence tries to win back possession by stealing the ball, contesting shots and collecting rebounds.

Point Scoring

The game of basketball is played by two teams and ends when one team scores more points than the other. Each basket made, or a field goal made outside of the three-point line, costs two points. An attempted free throw is worth one point, but if it is missed, it is a turnover to the other team.

A team scores two or three points for a made free throw depending on the location of the shot. If a player is fouled beyond the three-point line, they will receive either two or three free throws. When a player is fouled while he or she is shooting free throws, the player who committed the foul will be given an opportunity to shoot one free throw and then another. If the first shot is made, that player has an additional chance to make another free throw. If the first attempt is missed, the ball becomes live on the rebound.

The game is divided into 12-minute quarters. There is a break period of several minutes between the second and third quarter, but in some leagues, each quarter is 10-minute long.

Which are the best Basketball betting websites?

It’s easy to find NBA sports betting sites online. You can compare bookmakers by checking out the best sites for basketball betting. If you’re new to basketball betting, make sure that any sportsbook you choose is reliable and trustworthy before entering personal information or making a deposit.

What are some of the most popular basketball competitions?

Basketball has many different competitions and leagues across the globe, attracting millions of fans and bettors. Here are some of the most viewed and respected competitions in the sport.


The NBA is the world’s most popular basketball league. It includes 30 teams and one Canadian team, and has been running for over 70 years. It features some of the best players in the world, including the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat; as well as the Los Angeles Lakers.


The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is an annual college basketball competition held every March. 68 team compete in the tournament, which is watched by millions of fans. The most successful teams include UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke and Indiana.


The EuroLeague is Europe’s premier basketball competition. Each year, the best teams from across the continent compete in a weeklong league and play each other during the knockout format. The most successful teams in European history include Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Panathinaikos, and Varese.


The EuroCup is the second-tier competition in European basketball. Teams that qualify for the EuroCup by winning their domestic league or being invited from the EuroLeague typically get a chance to move up to the EuroLeague for the following season. The most successful teams in this competition include Valencia Basket, Rytas, Khimki, Real Madrid and UNICS.

Liga ACB

The Liga ACB, which began play in 1959, is the top Spanish professional league and features two relegation spots at the end of each season for clubs that finish bottom. It runs from October to May and has 17 teams each season. Real Madrid and Barcelona have won the most titles in league history between them; they’ve won an overwhelming majority of league titles between them.


The Turkish Basketball Super League is one of the most popular leagues in Europe. Every year, 16 teams compete for the championship and to impress fans across Turkey. One such team is Anadolu Efes, which has won many titles since its founding in 1966. Fenerbahçe, Eczacıbaşı, Galatasaray and İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi are other well-known teams from this league.

Russian league

The top tier of the Russian league, which includes teams from neighbouring nations like Estonia and Latvia, is the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). Inaugurated in 2008, it has grown to include 13 teams. CSKA Moscow is one of the most successful sides since its inception. UNICS and Lokomotiv Kuban also perform well on multiple occasions.


The Bundesliga (BBL) is the top tier of German basketball, making waves to become one of the top European leagues. The BBL has strong support, heavy marketing, and a crop of talented young players. The regular season takes place from September to May with 18 teams competing; Bayer 04 Leverkusen are their most successful team in history.

Basketball Facts

In 1891, a Canadian teacher at YMCA Training School came up with the idea of keeping students fit during winter. Dr James Naismith developed the earliest version of modern basketball by putting peach baskets high on a wall and fishing out the ball after each score. Eventually, metal hoops and wooden backboards replaced the peach baskets.

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is the most watched sporting event in America. Each year, over 47 million Americans bet on the tournament. Collectively, the event generates more than 8.5 billion dollars in bets each year.

It’s no surprise that the NBA Finals are among the most popular events in the world. In Nevada alone, 10 million dollars are wagered on each game. 20 million viewers tune in to watch the NBA Finals. Here are some fun facts about basketball:

  • It may seem hard to believe, but basketball was originally played with a soccer ball.
  • The game was only two 15-minute halves, with a 5-minute break between them.
  • The game was designed to accommodate as many people as possible, so each side had a set number of players.
  • Players were not allowed to dribble. Instead, they had to throw the ball from wherever they’d caught it.

What Amubet suggest about the basketball betting?

Betting on basketball is like betting on any other sport in that knowledge and expertise will help guide your selections. Become well-acquainted with all the relevant terms of the sport and the betting scene to better understand and make more informed decisions.

There are many resources online that can help you learn about basketball betting and develop your skills. You should keep an eye out for trends in your betting, and evaluate each bet carefully before making it.


What is 2.5 in basketball betting?

A point spread market refers to the range in which you can expect your team to beat another team. If you bet with a 2.5 point spread, you believe that the first team will win the game by 3 points or more. Point spreads are often presented with .5 decimals, so there are no ties or void selections possible; if a team wins by 3 points or more, no money is won or lost.

What are the most popular bets for basketball games?

Standard bets and parlay bets are the most common types of wagers in basketball. Money line bets and teasers – which require multiple selections to win – are also popular with certain bettors.

How to bet on basketball?

Basketball is a relatively straightforward game if you understand the rules and have a good understanding of your backing market. You will rarely have to make many decisions during a game, because there are usually only two possible outcomes. There are plenty of useful guides available that explain basketball betting for beginners.

What is NCAA basketball?

College basketball betting is huge, with 68 teams from all across the country competing in the NCAA tournament every year. Betting on college basketball can be fun and exciting because of the level of competition and the drama surrounding each game.

Why should I bet on basketball?

Betting on basketball is easy and can be very lucrative if you understand the sport. Basketball betting markets grow every day, so there’s never a shortage of good things to bet on.

What is the money line in basketball?

In this market, bettors can choose to wager on the home team or the visiting team. The bookmaker offers odds that shift depending on how likely each team is to win.

Should I bet on NBA games?

The NBA is the most popular basketball league in the world; people from all over watch and bet on NBA games. Because of this popularity, you can find betting markets for almost every game. It is worth considering betting on the NBA if you enjoy basketball and want a chance to win some money.

What is the best competition to betting on in basketball?

The NBA is the most popular basketball competition to bet on. Many sportsbooks offer NBA basketball betting markets and selections, which you can explore further. - Article author
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