Watching teams battle it out with impressive tactics is a one-of-a-kind experience. Those last-minute goals and skill displays stay with you for a lifetime so you might as well enjoy them when you can. If you want to experience all that, or make some money in the process, check out our guide.

We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in this exciting sport. Watch game footage, study the basics, and be smart when placing your bets – it’s time for liftoff!

Football Rules

Soccer is a game that can be played anywhere, regardless of the field’s quality. The rules are simple, and you don’t have to have ideal conditions for playing it. Just so we get the correct info, we studied FIFA’s official rulebook. Here’s an outline of the game: Learn ’em, and you’ll understand all the soccer lines you see.

Football/soccer main rules

A soccer game consists of two 45-minute halves and a 15-minute break. The first half ends when a team scores two goals. If both teams have the same amount of goals at halftime, another 30 minutes is played. If this also ends in stalemate, penalties are taken over the next five minutes.

Each team consists of 11 players – 10 outfielders and 1 goalkeeper. It is also allowed to have 7 substitutes on its bench, which can be used for injured players. Only 3 substitutions per squad are allowed (5 by new rules for many leagues). If a player gets injured during the game, he will not be able to leave the field until another player comes in.

You need only a round leather ball, about 58 to 61 centimeters in diameter. Soccer players also wear shoes with spikes on the soles. These are designed so that as you run across uneven fields of soil, with grass covering everything but the top inch or two of the ground, it is easier for you to move your feet forward in an effortless manner.

Soccer matches are played on a grass pitch. This is both real and artificial grass. The cost of this type of surface can vary, but it’s worth considering when applying your strategies to place a soccer bet online. Also, injuries happen more frequently on artificial grass than natural grass. It’s 100 yards long and 50 yards wide. There are sidelines (length) and goal lines (width), along with an 8-foot tall and 6-yard broad goal in the middle of each goal line.

There are three or four referees in charge of a match. One is the main referee, who runs across the pitch where the action is. Another is an assistant referee behind one of the goals; they watch for offences such as whether an opponent has made contact with another player. In the late 2010s, video assistant referees were introduced to help referees make better decisions.

Basic Football Terms

It’s not hard to pick the right soccer bet. Just remember the rules, and you’ll be able to understand everything. The sport has its own special language, though, which can feel confusing at first. We’ve done some research and put together this list of soccer betting terms that will help you get started!

  • Header – The header is the goal scored by the head.
  • Extra time – also known as extended time or added time – is a period of time played after regular time has expired, in case of an equal number of goals (2-1, 3-2, 4-3) or a draw (5-5). It’s usually only played in knockout tournaments.
  • The term “12th man” refers to the fans in the home team’s stadium. Home support can mean a lot, and it can be easy for an underdog team to win when surrounded by loud fans at every game. When betting on soccer moneylines, consider how much noise from the crowd you hear at each game.
  • A hat trick is when a footballer scores three goals in one game. They are the rarest sights possible, and are typically only scored by forwards. A perfect hat trick would be when a footballer scores one goal each with his right leg, left leg, and head.
  • There are two types of tackles: a sliding tackle and a standing tackle. A sliding tackle is an effort by a defender to strip the ball from an opponent by driving his leg(s) into him. Standing tackles are usually made when a player has possession of the ball, but he cannot get past his opponent.
  • Handball – The act of catching the ball with one’s hand.
  • Promotion is an exciting moment when your team advances to a higher level of play.
  • Relegation – The opposite of promotion. Teams that play badly throughout the season are in danger of dropping down a division. Look out for relegation candidates when spreading your soccer picks.
  • A 3-way moneyline is used to predict the outcome of a soccer game. It’s common in soccer betting and can be used to bet on one team to win or a draw to occur. The key here is that you want to bet on one outcome, so be sure to research your options before you get started.
  • Future bets are usually made on events that haven’t happened yet. For example, if you want to bet on Manchester United winning the Champions League five years later, it’s a future bet because there is no way to tell how the team will perform.

What football players shoud do?

Goal-scoring is the objective in soccer. A goal is achieved when a ball is placed beyond the goal posts, between the goals and above the crossbar. There’s also goal-line technology, which analyzes whether the ball has passed the line in certain situations.

If a team kicks the ball past the opponent’s goal line and into their own territory, they get to kick it out of play. If they are defending and it’s their player who touched the ball before it went past the goal line (not into the goal), then it’s a corner kick for them.

To prevent the other team from scoring, the player have to keep your hands off the ball. If the player that, it’s a yellow card for your team and you get kicked out of the game. If the player touch the ball with hand in the 16-yard box, most times it’s a red card for both teams.

A player who commits repeated fouls or a serious foul is given a yellow card. A player who receives two yellow cards within the same game will be sent off, and he or she must leave the field and cannot play in that match. If the player receives a red card, he or she will also be immediately removed from play and cannot return; a red card is an automatic disqualification. The player leaves the pitch immediately and cannot be replaced. There’s usually a soccer bet that lets you wager money on who’ll get a card first. Those are called prop bets.

For the sake of fairness, the offside rule has one more rule. It means no player can have any part of his body nearer to the goal than the second-last defender (the last outfielder since the goalie is the last). The rule was added to the game so that players wouldn’t cheat and camp out in other teams’ boxes. Offsides are only called when a ball is passed to a player.

If you are involved in an active play before the ball is passed, such as running or receiving the ball, you may not get offsides. However, when you are close to your goal line and your opponent does not call for offsides, a goal kick is awarded to your opponent.

Which are the best Soccer betting websites?

If you’re looking for a bookmaker that offers a comfortable online football betting experience, choose our top-rated list of trusted sites. We’ve tested all the big names in the industry and followed their offers on dozens of leagues, tournaments and rated them in real-time. All of them are 100%, so your money is safe. Choose wisely and have fun!

The Most Popular Football Tournaments?

Even though you can find hundreds of thousands of soccer betting markets each day, not all of them are suitable. Some are low-level and often have a lack of coverage or good odds. That’s why the best way to learn the ropes is to bet on these tournaments. They’re well-known, there’s a lot of stats and other tools, and they offer a high degree of competition and excitement.

World Cup

The World Cup is a competition held every four years in which 32 teams battle it out for soccer glory. Each team plays 3 matches against its opponents, in which they must win 2 games to advance to the next round. The top 2 teams in each group proceed to the knockout stage where they are joined by another 16 teams that have been defeated in their earlier matches.

Euro Tournament

The Euros is a European version of the World Cup, with 24 national teams battling for the trophy.

South American continental championship

The South American continental championship is an annual competition between top teams from different countries.

European Champions League

The European Champions League is Europe’s top club competition, featuring the top clubs from all the top European leagues.

UEFA Champions League

The second tier of European competition for clubs. It includes teams that didn’t qualify for the Champions League or had been relegated from the Champions League group stage.

South American Champions League

The South American Champions League is a soccer competition organized by CONMEBOL. It has teams from both North and South America, as well as from some countries in Europe.

English Premier League

Maybe the biggest and most watched club tournamen in the world is the English Premier League.

Spanish La Liga

The Spanish top division is known for its fierce competition, with many fans arguing that it’s even better than the English Premier League.

German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga, the best professional football league in Germany, is a fan-oriented league with even the worst teams having tens of thousands of passionate Tifosi in the stands.

Serie A Italy

The Italian league is known for its exciting action and juicy results.

French Ligue 1

The French top tier is gaining a lot of attention.

Football Facts

Football is a modern-day game that has many similarities to other sports that were enjoyed by people across the world. The game we know today comes from 1848’s Cambridge rules, which were developed by students at Cambridge University. Sheffield FC is the oldest team in the UK and was founded by students in 1857.

Today, millions of people are captivated by the sport of soccer. And soccer betting is at the heart of what’s going on in this world. When you bet on soccer, you can bet on minute details due to this sport’s popularity. That’s what makes soccer so exciting.

Amubet Tips about Soccer betting

Soccer betting is one of the most accessible punting niches to get on. Resources are everywhere, and many of them are free.


How to bet on soccer?

Find a league or competition that you enjoy, and learn about its history. Then, follow the teams in that league and devise a strategy to follow. That’s all there is to it!

Is soccer betting hard?

It’s not hard to bet at all. You can bet just about anything.

What is a double chance, and how does it work when betting on soccer?

Unlike a 3-way moneyline bet, which lets you pick the outcome of a match at odds of 3/1, double chance is available only for bets on a certain outcome for each team.

What is a prop bet in soccer betting?

A prop bet is a bet not related to the outcome of a game. For example, you might bet on whether Messi will score a goal or whether the first card in a hand of cards will be red.

Is it a good idea to watch game highlights before betting on a team?

You should watch the whole game, not just the best moments. It gives you a better picture of the players’ abilities and weaknesses.

Can I make money from soccer betting?

It may not be a guarantee, but it is worth considering.

Should I always bet on parlays?

You can focus on just one line if there’s a good one. - Article author
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