The amubet team has created an all-purpose guide to greyhounds betting, including the most popular cups and derbies. We have left no stone unturned in our effort to bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about betting on greyhounds.

Greyhounds Rules

Greyhound racing is a straightforward sport. The average race has 2 to 8 dogs, but races in the UK always have 6 dogs. Coincidentally, most of the popular racetracks are located in this region.

Basic Terms

Even though you can grasp the whole sport of greyhound racing in just a few seconds, it still has many unique terms surrounding it. Mastering these bits of slag is essential if you want to make your time spent betting more efficient. We scoured some of the best bookies and forums for tips on how to make your betting more efficient.

  • Open races are highly unpredictable races with no clear favourites or underdogs. Anyone can win, so they’re great bets if you’re looking to get in on something that’s way more expensive than it should be. However, open races are extremely rare, so don’t expect to see one every single day.
  • Box – A trap or cage.
  • Box bias refers to the common misconception that a hound will always run toward the nearest rail. This is because dogs have different preferences regarding where they like to run, and in some cases they can be easily distracted. The reason they like to run near the rails is simply because it’s easier for them to see that distance from there.
  • Puppies are young dogs that have not reached the age of two years. They are allowed to race only if they are nine months old. It is considered a favourite in most races because they are still young and fast.
  • The odds on a dog’s performance shorten when something changes in the race. For example, if an injury means that a hound is no longer able to run as well as usual, the odds will shorten.
  • Pricing is the act of assigning odds to a hound. A low-priced dog is considered the underdog, while a high-priced dog is touted as the favourite.
  • Overlay – when oddsmakers incorrectly post odds for a dog, and the dog is valued higher than it should be – is a dream of every greyhound’s betting enthusiast.
  • Ante-post betting – also known as “future” or “window” betting – is a type of betting in which you can take a bet on something that has yet to occur. Bookmakers allow people to take these bets weeks or months before an event happens. This is similar to the popular “future” market, in which people bet on things like who will win the next election. Keep in mind that this is risky because your odds will be lower if your favorite loses or gets injured before it has a chance to win. The best way to protect yourself from this risk is by following the news closely so you know what might happen next!

Greyhounds Main Rules

Greyhound racing is regulated by a number of rules, but each track and racing authority has its own rules. Before you try to make money betting on greyhounds, be sure to learn the track’s rules and requirements. Here’s what you need to know about greyhound racing:

  • Greyhounds are placed in their traps by handlers before a race, with the trap door open. This allows them to run freely while they are being chased by hounds from other traps.
  • The race organizers use a mechanical hare to lure dogs to run. This is done by setting up the hare in such a way that it moves along a fixed-line at a pace faster than the dogs can realistically reach.
  • Dogs who cross the finish line first are the winners. A dog’s speed does not determine how well it performs during the race, but rather how well it maintains its speed throughout.
  • The oval-shaped track with four bends and four straights makes it hard for hounds to predict where they will be running. Some dogs are railers, while others are middle runners or wide runners. These monikers all relate to where the dogs prefer to run on the track.
  • When it comes to predicting which dogs will participate in the 2016 Irish Greyhound Derby, things are a bit more difficult than they first seem. For example, at its onset, there were more than 80 competitors listed on the entry list.
  • Dogs that race are all tested extensively, both before and during races. These tests ensure that the dogs’ mental and physical well-being is top-notch.

It’s easy to see why online greyhound betting is so popular. There are no complicated rules or regulations, so you can bet without a hassle. Just choose the dogs you want to bet on, and your prediction will be entered into the betting pool.

Which are the best Greyhound betting websites?

Good question! Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top-rated bookmakers for greyhound betting – we didn’t just like them because they were easy to use or had cool bonuses. On the contrary, we researched each site extensively and then tested it out by placing bets on our own pets. As a result, we got to know some great people who helped us along the way. So if you’re looking to get into online dog betting, these are the best places to start. And of course, they’re all 100% legal so don’t worry about anything!

Which Are the Most Popular Competitions?

There are many greyhound races around the world, regardless of the season. Some events are more popular than others, though, so it’s important to focus on those that get most press coverage. Since they have more viewers and media coverage, they’re considered to be the cream of the crop when it comes to betting on greyhounds. That’s why we recommend adding these competitions into your betting system; they’ll help you have a fun time while also making some extra money!

English Greyhound Derby

This is the only derby race in the entire calendar, and it features dogs in the same class as greyhounds. If you’re looking for greyhounds, bet with high odds but a realistic probability of winning; this is the place to do it.

Irish Greyhound Derby

Another big event is held each year at Shelbourne Park in Dublin. The most successful dog in history is the Spanish Battleship, which won three times. Ger McKenna is the best trainer with five wins in the 1960s and 1970s. Irish greyhound derby betting can get pretty exciting, so be prepared to bet on a few parlays.

East Anglian Cup

Charles Lister, known as “The Master” to his fans, was the most successful jockey in the English Derby, winning it 12 times over the course of 27 years.

Scottish Greyhound Derby

Another European greyhound race that bettors look forward to is the Grand National. It boasts a long list of notable winners, including Hot Pipe and L’Envol in 2016. The race is also known for being relatively tame and not having too many upsets.

Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is a series of races, which makes it different from most other races. It has a large purse and is a holiday for anyone who likes betting on greyhounds.

Association Cup

The Association Cup is probably the only group 1 staying race in New South Wales. It is a 1,200-meter mile race open to older dogs and marathon runners.

Sandown Cup

Bold Trease, a dog who won the event four times in a row, is the home of this track. A dominant Greyhound rarely appears on the scene, but it has happened here in recent years when Sweet It Is won the event twice in a row, in 2014 and 2015.

Greyhounds Facts

Greyhound racing is a direct descendant of coursing – a noble dog breed that was used as a hunting companion. At some point in time, people realized that they could do a sport out of this, so they started releasing hares and multiple dogs after it. The fastest dog would win the race.

Greyhound racing has been around since the 1920s, when Owen Patrick Smith created the first mechanical hare. This allowed races to be much more standardized, as all the dogs had the same objective. As greyhounds became a popular sport in the 1950s and 1960s, tens of millions of people used to watch live races every year. Although interest peaked during this time, it has declined since then as online betting and free tips have taken over as some people’s preferred method of gambling.

What Amubet suggest about the Greyhounds betting?

Greyhounds betting is a simple game, but it is also one of the most fun. You get to admire these magnificent dogs running so fast, and you will be amazed by their speed. If you have never gambled before, then come up with a good system before you make a bet, and then settle in for some great results!


How to bet on greyhounds and win big?

If you’re new to greyhound betting, choose a good site and keep your budget in mind; don’t overspend on the bets, and you can win consistently.

How should I set up my Two-Trap betting system?

While this system is useful, you should always consult the TT system to see whether you’re on the right track or not.

Is greyhound racing a profitable business?

By choosing the right markets and playing smart, you can succeed!

Is the greyhound’s trap an essential factor in greyhounds betting?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not have a preference for running in one particular part of a track. They will always run toward the middle or end of the track, no matter what type of trap you use.

Is ante-post betting a good idea?

If you have a bit of discretionary income, why not give it a go? But it’s not meant to be the foundation of your investment strategy.

Aren’t greyhound racing illegal?

Some countries and jurisdictions have banned actual races, but still allow bets to be placed on events that take place elsewhere. Check with your local authorities for information about the legality of this type of betting activity in your area.

What is the fastest dog of all time?

Most people agree that Rapid Ranger, Patricia’s Hope, and Ballyregan Bob are the dogs who have earned the right to be called “the pups with a right to be called the dogs with a right.” - Article author
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