Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that allows two people to try to hurt each other as little as possible. It takes place in an octagon, which is like a cage, and two fighters face off against each other. The aim of MMA is to get the other fighter out of the ring or cage as fast as possible, but they may use any form of fighting they want as long as they don’t break any rules. Scoring happens in three rounds, with a judge scoring each round 10 points for a win or 9 points for a draw (or 8 if it’s a clear loss). If the fight goes the full distance and neither fighter has won two rounds, then those scorecards are added together to determine who wins. If the fighters are even on points in round 3 but one fighter has won more total rounds then the other fighter, then that fighter will win by decision.

Each fight consists of three rounds, each lasting five minutes. Fighters must agree on the weight categories they will be fighting in; strikes and grapples to the groin, eye gouges, biting, striking the throat and headbutts are not allowed.

MMA Rules

  • A knockout occurs when an opponent loses consciousness as a result of a strike.
  • A technical knockout is a punch that causes the opponent to go down and cannot be defended against. This occurs when the fighter’s corner stops the match, or if the referee stops the fight.
  • When a fight goes all the way to the end and there are no knockouts or submissions, the decision is decided by a judge who evaluates each fighter’s performance based on the criteria for scoring a round.
  • Submission – A fighter may be submitted when he is being choked or punched and loses consciousness.
  • If a fighter cannot fight or is injured, they may forfeit the bout.
  • If one fighter violates the rules or receives a warning, they will be disqualified. The other fighter wins by default.
  • When a foul or an accidental injury causes one team to stop playing, the game is declared void and a no contest.

Which are the best MMA betting websites?

There are many great MMA betting sites out there, so finding the best one depends on what you’re looking for. Use online resources like the one here to find a reliable bookmaker before making a deposit or signing up for an account.

What is the most popular organization?

Ultimate Fighting Championship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the most popular and widely-known MMA organization in the United States. The company is based in Las Vegas, where it regularly hosts events that attract some of the biggest names in the sport. Some of these names include Connor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones, José Aldo and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

American MMA

Bellator is an American MMA organization founded in 2008. It is the second-largest combat sports promotions company in the US, only behind the UFC. Bellator has attracted several big names to its roster such as Patricio Pitbull and Gegard Mousasi.

World Series of Fighting

The World Series of Fighting has partnered with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), which has a roster of 70 fighters. Some of their most notable fighters are Philipe Lins and Sean O’Connell.

Singapore-based MMA

This Singapore-based MMA promotion company was founded in 2011 and has ten weight classes based on ‘walking weight’ rather than a pre-fight weigh-in. Some of the biggest names include Brandon Vera, Reinier de Ridder, Aung La Nsang and Joshua Pacio.

Invicta Championship

The Invicta Championship is a female MMA promotion company founded in 2012. It has a roster of fighters, including Pam Sorenson and Lisa Verzosa, who have competed in several divisions for the organization. Other top fighters include Pearl Gonzalez and Amber Brown who are both ranked in the championship category.

MMA Different Weight Classes

In UFC, fighters are classified in different weight classes at the weigh-in for a fight to be considered fair and go ahead.

In the UFC, weight classes are as follows:

  • Over 265 lbs
  • Over 205 to 265- pounds
  • Light Heavyweights are athletes who weigh between 185 and 205 pounds.
  • Middleweight – between 170 and 185 lb.
  • Welterweight – between 155 and 170 pounds
  • Lightweight cycling shoes will feel lighter than those with a larger weight.
  • Under 135 lbs
  • Women’s Bantamweight – 135 lbs. and under
  • Bantamweight fighters weigh between 125 and 135 pounds.
  • The flyweight division is for fighters under 125 pounds.
  • Strawweight – up to 115 lbs

Weight classes vary from organization to organization, and not all will have the same number of weight classes.

MMA Facts

Mixed Martial Arts is a form of combat that combines striking, throwing and/or grappling to achieve victory. In the beginning, MMA was based solely on individual martial arts; however, today’s fighters tend to use a more holistic approach.

Victory in MMA matches usually depends on a fighter’s base style and his ability to adapt to other styles. A good mix of techniques can lead to success in today’s world of mixed martial arts.

The UFC is the most popular MMA production, with over 300 million fans worldwide. The company has sold broadcasting rights to over 150 different countries, reaching more than 1.1 billion viewers. As a result, betting on combat sports has grown rapidly and can be found at many big-name sportsbooks.

What Amubet suggest about the MMA betting?

MMA has become one of the most popular sports on the planet, so naturally it attracts a lot of betting activity. As a result, most reputable sportsbooks now offer an array of markets for MMA fights. If you’re interested in betting on MMA fights, there are plenty of resources with tips to help you get started.


How to bet on MMA fixtures?

There are many different ways that you can bet on MMA matches. One popular way is to bet on your favorite fighter using the UFC’s betting lines, but many other markets also exist to help you place your wagers.

What are the MMA bets that pay the most?

When betting on long odds, look for selections that have a strong chance of coming off. These are unlikely to succeed, so you need to learn when to back them and when to stay clear.

How do MMA betting odds work?

In MMA betting, you can bet on the outcome of a fight outright or in a number of different markets associated with the specifics of the fight.

Where is the best place to make a MMA betting?

Most of the top online sportsbooks will cover MMA betting, so it’s largely a matter of personal preference. Before entering any personal details or making a deposit, check that the sportsbook is fully regulated and safe.

Where can I find UFC odds?

You can find UFC odds directly on the website of the sportsbook you intend to use. Alternatively, you can compare UFC betting odds on a comparison website to find the best odds for an individual selection. Many sites offer different types of information about their operators and their betting lines, including availability of bonus deals, as well as multiple payment options.

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